The Dives

Now you will expect to find the usual list of Marettimo dives, maybe a map with some flags, some spectacular picture which, incidentally, most of the times does not match the reality of the places described, but it was taken from some archive or worse still stolen by some magazine!

Nothing like that…


I prefer, and the most experienced among you will understand me, I  prefer just to say that I will give you the best possible dives every day. The one  will give us more satisfaction depending on many factor the sea is challenging  us every day. For  example same places should be so different in different current conditions, different  water temperature, different season or different moment of the day. Could be so rich or  so poor of life. Think about being in the water in the same dive spot where  there is already another boat. This is a situation I will always avoid, even in high season.

Marettimo is full of fantastic dive sites. You will have personalized guided dives, depending on my customer abilities and desires. Non problem with some reasonable minute beyond the no-decompression limit.


The Marine Protected Area of the Egadi is the largest marine reserve in the Mediterranean and consequently Marettimo is within it : the island with more trust territory . We have the typical Mediterranean sea botton rich in colors and life as in few other places in the world, the dive sites are about thirty different levels of difficulty for different degrees of experience . There are long shore dives but most are shoals of which the island is rich , all dives are done from the boat .

On a particular note it is deserved by the cave diving,for the fans of this particular activity, and I am one of them…Marettimo offers truly unique sites: “The Cathedral” alone is worth the trip! But not only caves: the Orlata, the Shoal of the Camel, Punta Bassana, Punta Troia are just the most well-known diving points.There are walls,shoals,isolated rocks,passages and crevices where the colors of the sea gorgonias, corals of the sponges leave us breathless! The fauna is not lacking, believe me: the mare nostrum when healthy in no way inferior to the highly popular, maybe inflated tropics!